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New writing by people from the Pennines: poems, stories, impressions and recollections.

In Spring 2007 Highlights Rural Touring Scheme and Spot On in Lancashire commissioned a play - Once a Lady - and a book - Traces - based on the life and times of Charlotte Deans.

Charlotte Deans was the heroine of ONCE A LADY... though whether she was a lady is the big question that shaped her life.  It was over two hundred years ago since at the age of seventeen Charlotte ran away to join her lover, who happened to be a play-actor. Written by Maureen Lawrence with Jim Woodland.

The book was edited by Maureen Lawrence and photography was by Catherine Caton.

To buy your copy (£5 including P&P) please contact us.


Neck craned, I stop and marvel at them,
rising and dipping at the whim of the wind.
I would love to be up there floating free,
the nearest thing to a bird in flight,
silent apart from the rush of fresh cold air.

My land-locked body is more at home
wading through peat and bracken moors.
Afraid of heights,
I could not summon the courage
to accelerate along the grassy runway and

jump into nothingness.

I console myself that though I might be
anchored to solid ground, my spirit can still
soar up and unite with these giant human kites
as they ride the thermals above my head.
My wave is returned and they sink out of sight.

Elizabeth Hart


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