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The Joint is Jumpin'

52 Skidoo

Bringing back to life the forgotten era of  the Speakeasy, Prohibition, Vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, New York rent parties, Harlem Stride Piano and Hot Jazz.

 1920's band 52 Skidoo are an unlikely collection of drunks, gamblers, misfits and outlaws performing Harlem Swing, a music born out of the stride piano style made famous by James P. Johnson and Fats Waller.

 They formed after a chance meeting whilst looking for unfinished bottles of wine at a New Year’s Eve party in 1929. This led to a mass brawl, multiple arrests and ultimately the formation of the band.

 "Here's a band that really do swing like they did in the good ol' days - with attention to detail and authenticity, 52 Skidoo put on a storming performance that gets the joint well and truly jumping. Until we manage to bring Fats Waller back in a time machine, we'd have these guys back any time!" - Bobbi Charleston, The Swing Eight

The trio are made up of piano, percussion / clarinet, guitar / vocals.


Boldron Village Hall
23/11/2017, 8 pm
Call 01833 638210
Middleton & Todridge Village Hall
24/11/2017, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01670 772600
People's Hall, Sedbergh
25/11/2017, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 015396 20125
Burgh by Sands Parish Hall
26/11/2017, 7.30 pm
Call 01228 576065

For more information about 52 Skidoo please visit their website

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