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Statira Jazayeri - From Flat to 3D

Contemporary Craft Tour

An excellent opportunity to meet and work with an innovative textile artist with an unusual approach to woven textiles.  The workshop will explore sculpting woven fabric freely by hand and/or folding it with help from moulds into geometrical shapes. Participants will explore how different materials behave when being forced into shapes, for example fabrics with metallic and plastic threads. There will be a small loom that the participants can take turns to try out the process of weaving with these unusual materials. There will also be printed photos and textile samples to look at for inspiration and to help visualize resulting work.  Statira is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Workshops are held from 10 am - 4 pm, spaces are limited so booking is essential.

 Refund policy: workshop fees are calculated at an affordable price to cover the cost of the workshop day. As such, once booked they are are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, however and with sufficient notice (min. one week) we will endeavor to resell your ticket and if we are successful, will only then provide a refund.

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