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Scary Little Girls

Join the team of regional online radio show Mid East Midlands Digital Magic FM (Mid East Mid Mags) as they undertake their first on-the road live recording! Will presenters Summer Hill and Charlie Bray be able to patch up their differences to get through the show and save their marriage? Will production manager, sound effects girl and general dogsbody Pearl be able to provide marriage guidance counselling, record the show and convincingly create a farm-yard of animals and a travelling library?

And by the end of the night will our presenters have clawed their way up the food chain to a slot on BBC Radio, or will their relationship have descended so far that this show is their last....?

Upper Weardale Town Hall
09/03/2018, 7 pm
Book Online Or Call 01434 345024
Murton Village Institute
10/03/2018, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01768 353642
Hepscott Parish Hall
11/03/2018, 7.45 pm
Book Online Or Call 01670 514031

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