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Ethel Smyth: Grasp The Nettle

Lucy Stevens

Ethel Smyth, the composer, writer and suffragette, was the living embodiment of the passion with which Victorian women challenged the “male machine”. As an activist, she was imprisoned in Holloway with Mrs Pankhurst and was a lover of Virginia Woolf. As a composer, she wrote the anthem for the suffrage movement The March of the Women as well as composing 6 operas and many sonata’s, quartets and song cycles.

Ethel Smyth: Grasp the Nettle is a whirlwind of Ethel’s exploits and passions interwoven with her songs, the story of her greatest opera, The Wreckers, and her battle for an equal voice. It is Illuminated with anecdotes from her confidants, her letters and her own writing “…which is peculiarly beautiful and all of it rippling with life” (Maurice Baring).

St Thomas Church Hall, Stanhope
26/04/2018, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01388 528673
Wreay Village Hall
27/04/2018, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 016974 75309
The Cheviot Centre, Wooler
28/04/2018, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01668 282406
Lesbury Village Hall
29/04/2018, 7.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 0771 9243170

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