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The Giant Jam Sandwich

New Perspectives Theatre Co

What a to-do!

One hot summer’s day, four million wasps invade the quiet village of Itching Down. The picnickers panic and the farmer stops haymaking. The wasps are noisy, nasty and worst of all, they don’t mind who they sting! That is until the baker has an ingenious idea...

Join the villagers in their giant sandwich-making plan to defeat the wasps and help save the day, in a fun-packed feast for 3-7 year olds and their families.

Old Fire Station
29/05/2018, 1.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01228 598596
Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall
30/05/2018, 2 pm
Call 01434 344424
The Witham
31/05/2018, 1.30 pm
Call 01833 631107
Pegswood Community Hub
01/06/2018, 6 pm
Call 01670 512185

For more information about New Perspectives Theatre Co please visit their website

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