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Theatre Hullabaloo

Luna is bored up in the sky with no-one to play with. Although she is surrounded by stars, they never quite understand her – it’s very lonely being the only moon. One night, as she is racing among the stars, she spots a young boy hiding from the shadows in his bedroom. Billy and his favourite toy Pig, don’t like the dark and do all they can to distract themselves from the scary shadows.

Luna decides to slide down the sky to make friends with Billy. Together they go on a wondrous adventure of LIGHT and DARK to help him overcome his fear of the night time.

With original live music this captivating play about friendship and bravery is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young children 2 – 5 years

Old Fire Station
29/11/2018, 1.30 pm
Book Online Or Call 01228 598596

For more information about Theatre Hullabaloo please visit their website

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